Hi All



Just wanted to introduce myself, I am Rick Stewart from Tunbridge Wells and have been into airbrushing for a couple of years ...mainly illustration or fine art work. I have several airbrushes from Iwata and others but my favourite is my H&S Infinity which I use for most fine detail work. Am still learning but largely am self taught...with a little help from Mitch's Youtube vids and the Daniel Powers DVD's!!
Peace and Blessings
Hey Rick!
Welcome to the forum. There are lots of very lovely peeps here, I'm sure you'll like it. Lots of great talent who are very happy to share their knowledge and show their work. There are a few names you'll recognise from the UK.
It's good to see you, just leave off my Micron! :) LOL
Cheers Mel
Welcome! Jump right in, get some pics up, share your knowledge, and have some fun.
Welcome to the forum Rick, it's good to see a name I recognise join up, enjoy yourself here and meet some new buddies.

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant: