Hi all!



Hi, first of all, english isn't my primary language, so sorry for bad writing!

Im from Montreal/Canada

I'm pretty new on airbrush but i love it! I have only one project done for now ... a "test" on my RC car.

I want to do anything ... canvas, portrait, murals, faux finish, t-shirts ... but i want too focus on helmets and motorcycle (probably test my first on my own)

I have a lot of questionS, and if you guys(girls?) can link me some post it will be nice!!!


-paints you use (i use createx, looking for wicked)?
-anyone try golden, jacquard, com-art, trident, ... paint?
-dilution ratio for createx?
-what is use for crown cap (i have iwata hp)?
- where (online) you buy your stuff?
-ayone try the air valve spring for iwata ive seen in airbrush action mag?

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Welcome to the forum from NH in the US.

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welcome from sunny South Africa
Ill try answer some of your questions soon, need to finish some ABing tonight :)
Welcome from a fellow Canadian, for information on paint you can start in the paint section of the forum lots of information there on different paints an dilution, etc.

In the Montreal region there is Airbrush Iwata, compresseurs et accessoires, Montréal, Québec Canada who sells com-art paint and some others, but not Createx Wicked, but if you call, you can go to his studio and you will save shipping. Apart from that there are US online stores like Chicago Airbrush Supply | Airbrush Supplies | Airbrushes for Sale or Coast Airbrush.

Finally the crown cap is there to protect the tip of the needle (they bend very easily) but are not necessary for painting, some say that certain crown caps add turbulence to the spray, but just remember that if you chose not to use the crown cap and you drop your airbrush it will most likely fall on its needle just because you chose to remove the crown cap :)

For the rest I can not answer you, but I'm sure that a more knowledgeable member can answer you :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can cll this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Hi Blacktorn :)
to answer some questions -
in the last two months I have used spectratex, wicked, com art, a pearl automobile base paint, temporary tattoo ink and a rattle can base (rustoleum)
I like the com art transparent smoke, gives me loads of time to build up - my comp piece was mostly com art.
I wont ever take the crown cap because i damage needles even when I am putting the AB back in the AB holders :(
I have bought from an Australian site (wicked - delivered to my brother in AU)and amazon (badger sotar)

dilution ratios depend very much on what surface you will be painting BUT also needs to be adjusted for your PSI and nozzle size.
general rule of thumb - milky consistency - T shirts from 30 or 40 odd to 60 psi and some go as low as 5 psi with reduction of 20 reducer to 1 paint.

I havent tried modifying my ABs yet, might soon though.

please feel free to ask ANY questions you need answers for :)
(and thanks for the reminder ;) )
Hey welcome!

I use com-art paints right now. And I am probably going to be getting a set of wicked detail and createx. I bought all my stuff from coastairbrush.com
@whiteknight : ive buy 2 times from this shop ... and it will never happen again! ... first time, ive go directly to his shop ... move my fat ass and loose my time for nothing... take like 30mins too found the shop because its in the middle of nothing ... and he charge me shipping ..... 40$ for an handgrip filter that i can buy for 20-25$ on ebay...

Next time ive order on website and it take over 3 weeks, i lived about 15-20kms (10-15miles) from him ... just because mister have something better to do, and ive phone him 1-2 hours before just too be sure he have in stock ... so ... ill NEVER buy again there :p ill try "jacques coulombes ltee" next time... its at like 5kms too my job and he said he will not charge shipping if i take out...

Ps: sorry, i know my english su** :p
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OK, I only bought once with him, and yes he charged me for shipping and I picked it up in store, thought it was an over sight. I only noticed once I got back to Quebec city, was in Montreal on business. Didn't think it was always like that. It did seem like he was very imbued with himself :) Tell me how it goes with Jacques Coulomb's ltee, might order from there also :)
Ill go to his shop next week to buy some superlube (hes wait for order, no more in stock) ... ill give feedback too you;-)

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Bonjour mon ami et bienvenue from a fellow Canadian. You have come to the right place to get questions answered. I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can from my point of view.

-paints you use (i use createx, looking for wicked) I use Auto Air mostly and have used Createx and ComArt
-anyone try golden, jacquard, com-art, trident, ... paint? I tried ComArt and I like it a lot. You can use it right out of the bottle
-dilution ratio for createx? Did depends on your project and the airbrush. If you paint spits out, you'll need more reducer. I've used 3:1 and some project and where you need to build your paint slowly can be up to 10:1, trial and error is the best approach
-what is use for crown cap (i have iwata hp)? I'm sure there's a real technical purpose but I think it's mostly to protect the tip of the needle and helps atomizing the air flow
- where (online) you buy your stuff? From a Canadian point of view, I buy small things locally but the big stuff like airbrushes I go to Coast Airbrush or TCP global. They are pretty close in price. A sister from this forum has a store with airbrush supplies and she's located around Edmonton but I'm afraid I forgot who it was. Hopefully she reads this as I would like to see what she has
-ayone try the air valve spring for iwata ive seen in airbrush action mag? I haven't seen this

That's the one, thanks WhiteKnight :) and I think I may have found my new store :) Just compared some prices on the Iwata HP-CS and this is what I got.
Coast Airbrush $149.17 US + international shipping
TCP Global $140.96 US + international shipping
Maple Art $140.95 CA + shipping
Hi, from Australia and welcome.
Please do not worry about your english. From what you posted so far, I understand quite well.
Ty for welcomes and awnser

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