Hi! and Great site!



Hi All,
My name is Mick from the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

Just found this site today while looking to brush up on my skills that I have let lapse for a while and stumbled upon the AirbrushTutor video tutorials - they are very well done, great content and thanks for your efforts AirbrushTutor!

I haven't been doing much art for a while as the GFC kept me busy with other things (like keeping my real job :) ) but now I'm back working from home and have a bit more spare time so it's back on the AB.

I use E'tac paint and Grex airbrushes and also have a Paasche Talon and an Iwata HP-C+ which are also great brushes. I also sell E'tac and Grex gear so if you have any questions about either I'd be happy to help.
I also have some very cheap AB's I bought when I first started...but we won't talk about them in this timeslot ;).

Anyway, I have a few projects in the pipe line, mainly practice studies to get back in the swing and some of my own surfboards that need jazzing up, so I'll post them up as they come along.

Welcome from the dark side...well England as it overcast and raining as usual!!! Enjoy this great forum mate