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Hi I'm new to airbrushing and cant wait to get started. I've been a model painter for over 10 years but have never tried airbrushing so I thought it was time to take the plunge and go for it. Still not sure in what paint to use, I like the inspire paints but have never used that type of paint before as I'm use to acrylics. The air brushes I am using are ones I got off ebay from china they are dual action gravity feed ones but I am hoping in investing in a decent airbrush in the future.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:i´ll recommend for you a krome(not that i have or tried one,but people here love it)or a paasche talon.my experience with chinese abs is awfull.
Welcome aboard bobblehead, you should find all the advice you need here my friend, plus make some new friends of these fine folk that loiter around, enjoy:)
Welcome to the forum Bobble, there's loads of friendly and helpfull people on here so if you need any help just ask. And make sure you have very good ventilation and a proper mask if you are using the inspire range as they are a bit smelly but are awesome paints.

Welcome to the forum.

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thanks for the warm welcome I'm sure I am going to love it here. I have a 8 x 12ft workshop outside with 2 large windows that can open I am also planning on putting an extraction fan in there too.
Welcome from South of the border ... Just sure you will like it here on the forum!
Welcome bobblehead

this is such a great place to find out anything you are unsure of and the people on this forum are amazing and helpfull aswell.
welcome Bobble :) this is an awesome place to hang out and learn :)