hi everybody



my name is alwin and i am from bavaria germany (good beer, lederhosen, oktoberfest :smug: )
something about me... i am a 27 years old student and work as a bartender.
i like airbrushtutor and i follow the vids since a few weeks and they are very great.

i hope to find here the informations i need :smile-new:

my airbrush is the harder & steenbeck infinity

at the moment i try to get better with the tutorials (they are sooo helpful, 10000 times thank you)
as you can see i write everything in small letters...i think i´m to lazy to write everthing correct :friendly_wink:
my english is a litte rusty i hope i don´t write to much spelling mistakes :nevreness:

i´m happy to be here i hope we have a lot of fun together

all the best
Hello Alwin

I think you'll find everything you need here.

Welcome Alwin, and your English is just fine! Better you keep it on English and I will not try to type in German haha

Have fun!
Hello and welcome to the fold .You are in the right place to ask some questions so ask away as there are some experts on here .
Hi Alwin! good to see you keeping it the economy with your harder and steenbeck mate! i'd love to have a go of one of those incredible looking airbrushes. happy easter mate!
Hey Alwin! I get over to Germany about every other year. I love that place. I go to Hamburg to see my wife's family and visit Harder & Steenbeck factory and spend a little time working there tool Then I go on vacation from there. I went to Switzerland last time so I think we will go to Sweden and Denmark next year.