Hi everyone newbee from sunny scotland



Hi , my name is tommy 30 from Edinburgh Scotland ,i work as a spraypainter and am looking of doing some custom paintwork

so i bought myself a devilbiss dager small compressor and just converted the hut into a workshop :livid:

i cant draw to save myself so i went on a custom paint airbrush course a few years back and i even amazed myself at what i could do .... so i am back at it But man have i got alot to learn !!

GREAT Forum guys looking forward to some banter in the future

Welcome aboard Tommy, looking forward to seeing some of your custom work mate, you will fit right in here,plenty of like minded people mooching around on here:)
Welcome!!! I have 2 dagrs they are pretty sweet! A little advise for ya though, be very very careful with the needle tip and don't push the needle into the nozzle to hard. They are extremely soft. They bend and crack easier than any other brush I own! Best of luck to ya and can't wait to see some work :)

Welcome from Florida........great place, great people and your life will be richer for it. Great to have you here.
Welcome home. Some how sunny and Scotland do not seem to be the way I remember it ...LOL but that was 30+ years ago...

Look forward to seeing what you have learned so far.
Hey Tommy, from down in the equally sunny at the mo, south of England. It's snorkel weather here right now! Glad you joined the forum!
Thanks guys ...squishy ..i know mate seen it on the news mate WOW ... its the first chrismas i have woken upto sunny weather????? what the hell is going on

on a side note i have coverted and fully insulated the hut as a studio testing out the dagr and bang fell on the floor and bent the needle and split the nozzle...oh well these things happen !!!

Merry christmas guys

he he he same thing happened with my velocity didn't even get to hardly use it about two weeks ago next time i order i will order 2 sets there cheep enough
Sucks about the needle and nozzle, hope you get a new one soon! I work out in my shed, insulation sounds like a great idea, gotta invest in some of that!