Hi everyone



I stay in Bangkok Thailand, I'm new for this website and airbrush is my hobby. I used Iwata , Infinity CR+ and Badger. This website is very useful. Thanks.
Welcome Pock, I see you already have some talent, nice work and small too.
Hi and welcome to the forum Pock. I agree with Madbrush, some great work you already did.
hi pock nice to have you on board, I'm sure your knowledge will be helpful to the rest of us! enjoy your stay
Welcome aboard Pock, love the work you have already done, it great that you want to share your talent on this forum, you are amongst like minded people and very welcome....keep spreading the love in Thailand :)
Thanks everyone , I am willing to share my experience to this website. :peaceful:
Welcome Pock:) you have some incredible artworks my friend - i love the two pictures you've loaded into the galleries - really cool!