Hi everyone


The Badger 200 has a cult following as well, especially in the scale modeling world where I come from. My good friend Robert from Canada only uses 200s. He is on his 4th since the 1970's. It's been in production since around 1965-'66 when it was launched alongside the 250.

Ismael "the Badger fan"
I must admit that there is a certain draw to the badgers and thayer and chandler brushes. Part of it is they are so wide spread that you can get parts and keep them going. That partly intrigued me with the aerograph I have as there are parts for them here in the UK. I was slightly saddened by the sorry state it was in , it is by far the most corroded I have and i am having a hard time removing it. The needle also resembled cooked spaghetti which I have not seen one so bad before!