Hi Everyone


Shane Martin

Greetings all.... I've been airbrushing on and off for around 30yrs, and can't get enough of it. I have used most brands of airbrush over the years and have settled on the following.... Iwata HP-C, Badger Anthem, Badger Renegade, Olympus PC-101, Sata Minijet, and spray everything from waterbased inks to urethanes in the work I do. The forums have been a place where tons of information can be shared with millions of artists all over the world, which I think is an amazing thing, and all you people who participate and share should be congratulated. I started airbrushing here in Australia back in the mid 70's when little was known about the tool, and products used, ie paints, inks etc. God forbid if you damaged a needle or needed an O ring.... it was no mans land and very few people would know or share any information. So I had to learn from scratch just about everything. Being self taught has it's plusses though... it really makes you go out and test, test, test, and experiment with this and that, and I think once you've learned something that way, you'll never forget it. Now days, we just jump on the net and boom.... there's usually an answer in seconds.
Some might say a good thing... some might not, but all I know is there is much we all can learn, and many we all can learn from....
Great to have you here Shane, I look forward to seeing some of your work and hearing your tips and tricks you've picked up over the years. I would have loved to have been able to airbrush back in the 80s when the custom van craze was around, those guys took airbrushing to a whole new level. WELCOME