Hi from Alberta!



I really enjoy your tutorials and am thrilled that you have created this forum!!! I started airbrushing about 4 years ago, but of course only in my spare time :( and can use all the help I can get from others! I just recently made some money on a couple of pieces and bought a Cameo Silhouette for making stencils, which I love as I am really not very good at freehand yet! Thanks again for spreading the love mate!!
thanks for jumping on board:) I love using stencils myself, but hopefully more tutorials will encourage you to use less stencils and encourage freehand work:) will see you around here!
welcome aboard!! what is a cameo silohouette??? I use a good bit of stencils myself when i do automotive, it just comes out cleaner and people are very picky when it come to a car or bike.