Hi from Argentina !!!


Air-Valve Autobot!
HI , I´m new in the forum and in airbrushing , I can't draw a circle with a cd (I'm very bad drawing) but I'm having fun.
My interest in airbrushing start to add some details and textures to my PC modding works , let's see how far I can go , now I'm practicing with the "airbrush control exercises"
To start I buy an Iwata revolution cr.

I'm glad to be here :rolleyes:

PD: awesome tutorials !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome my friend, you have come to right place to learn, feel free to ask any questions no matter how unimportant you think they may be, plenty of good ol'folk on here to help. Enjoy:)
Hello, i'm in Argentina at the minute for 3 months. I've not managed to do any airbrushing here but i've found a cool airbrush shop. Welcome to the forum!
Welcome Diego!!! Have fun with your airbrush. I have a revolution as well and a few others. You will be hooked and it's only a matter of time before you try many different styles and many different mediums. Enjoy Mitch's tutorials, he has done a wonderful thing with the site for begginers.
Thanks to all of you !!! you make me feel wellcome !!! =D

I'm really having fun with my airbrush by now , not frustrated at all , just surprised at the beggining because in the videos the artists (you) make it look so easy , LOL

Thomas I hopè you enjoy your stay here , I wonder if you are in Buenos Aires ...

Seamonkey ,here is the link to my blog where I put all my Finished works , I hope you like it

DJBModding.blogspot.com (www first)