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I figured I should formally introduce myself ! I have lurked on the forum for sometime now! My name is Donna, I have been airbrushing for many years however life keeps getting in the way and I don't have enough hours in a day to airbrush. I am thinking that is going to change for me this year! I look forward to learning tips and tricks and posting some of my work so I can learn and challenge myself!

A friend and I have also started up an on-line airbrush store I know I know another Another airbrush store? Whaaaaat?

It started out something like this

Last fall, when Daniel Power came to the Great White North (in November, no less! you guys can ask him what he thought of our record snowfall !!) to teach a workshop, he brought along Trident Paint for us to use. We were immediately hooked. It was smooth, rich, we were impressed with a water based paint, but it was not readily available in North America then we found out that Trident was looking for a North American distributor! We jumped at the chance. We already had a dream of starting an online airbrush supply store, because we were tired of the lack of selection, knowledge and experience at the local art supply stores. Making Trident easily available in Canada and the U.S. seemed like a good place to start. We hope that you will try it and agree!

Something else you will agree with is that there’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a wild, creative frenzy only to have your favorite airbrush break down. As much as we Canucks love our neighbors to the south, waiting for spare parts to come across the border is as painful as running out of beer in the middle of a camping trip, watching your favorite hockey team lose in overtime, hitting a patch of black ice on the highway….you get the drift. So, we are happy to announce we also carry a wide range of Iwata airbrushes, spare parts, DVDs, and templates. We believe in stellar customer service and competitive pricing.

the web site is .... mapleairbrushsupplies.com I am not able to post a link at the moment need more posts!!
ps.... there is a sale on Trident right now!

pss I promise not to spam the forum!!!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!by the way i opened a thread precisely about what everyone could tell me about trident paints!!!:beguiled:
Hi fellow Canuck and welcome aboard. Nice to see you are nice and close to Calgary :)