Hi from costa rica



My name is kelonio, have been airbrushing for 17 years. I paint with a micron on canvas basically....interested on hiper relism on color and b/w...please let me know where r the best forums for that...........best wishes.
Welcome home kelonio ,
I am sure you can find what you are looking for here , We have a lot of talent on here.
Hi Kelonio

welcome home from sunny south africa
I cant answer you regarding any other forums, but this right here is an awesome place to be.
Hola. Bienvenido. Me gustaria ver algunas de tus obras. Puedes ver las mias cuando gustes. Saludos desde Tejas, EEUU.
Hi Kelonio, welcome from the uk. I don't know about other forums, but there is a wealth of knowledge here. I would suggest you look up Marissa Oosterlee (hope I spelled it right), if you are interested in realism, her work is outstanding. She teaches, and many here have attended her courses with amazing results.. She is a member here, and has her own site, with a newsletter.
bienvenido desde honduras,tenemos algunos de los mismos intereses, marissa osterlee es sumamente buena para hacer trabajos de hiperrealismo,ella hace cursos,bearair.com tiene algunos links para gente que hace precisamente eso.probá buscar ahí como referencia.
My wife is from Costa Rica, TicaNica!! Pura Vida senor. Estoy en Florida. Saludos. I plan to visit Costa Rica soon, hope you know some good fishing spots bro?? :eagerness: