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Always loved the airbrush. getting started back into it again..

Had one lesson over 22 years ago with Wayne Harrison in Sydney (Advanced Airbrush). Then airbrushed R/C cars, BMX helmets and frames, motorcycle tanks etc.

Then life and work circumstances changed and stopped airbrushing.

but over the last few months I decided to dust off the Iwata airbrushes I had and start over again..

like re-kindling an old love.. though I'm very rusty in the skills department. Also getting used to water based paints now with Createx and Trident paints that I am trying out..

Hopefully when I produce something good enough I'll post some pics for comment..
Welcome aboard Blue :)

No need to wait, we like to see all kinds of pics wether good or bad, the good folks on here are happy to help out in any way with good advise and helpful hints :thumbsup::D
What’s up Bluedragon. Glad to have you aboard. Every time a person picks up the airbrush again a Flying Eyeball gets its wings… True story.

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Thanks everyone.

Well, I finally worked out a way to upload a photo of one of the t-shirts I have done. But I ended up having to take a screen shot of it on my laptop, so the quality isn't very good and there are some 'wavy lines' on the picture which are not there on the artwork. I'll need to work out another way to resize my photos to the size allowed by the website.

Worked out another way to resize my photos now, so will re-upload some hopefully better quality photos.
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