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Hi from Denmark.
I started airbrushing model cars when I was 14 and continued on paper, mopeds, bikes etc. during the late 80’es and through the 90’es.
I havent done much airbrushing the last 10-12 years, but I’m restarting and learning a lot from the forums, youtube etc.
Its good to be back :D

Hi Thomas welcome to the forum, im sure you will get into it pretty fast again.
Thanks :)
I have a few pictures up on the members gallery - ThomasA3D - and on my facebook page.
I’m not allowed (yet) to post links, but I’ll do that when I have some more posts in this forum ;)
Welcome to the forum Thomas, its awesome to have ya back in the game!!! wish i wouldve started back then!!! I did try back in the 90's but I didnt have a clue where to start and couldnt find anyone to even give me pointers!!
Thanks all :)
Yeah the ninties was the time before you could get all the info on www, so you had to buy books or magazines or tutors.
I was looking for apprenticeships at the two closest airbrushers/retouchers that had their own companies, but at that time airbrush artists were a dying breed within the advertising business, so I ended up using computers instead...
And the custom culture is so small in Denmark that you couldnt make a good living out of it. So the past 20 years Ive only airbrushed scale models (one of my other hobbies) and helmets or Harleys on a few occasions.
But now is the time to get going again :)

And btw since Im now allowed to post links - here is a link to my promo PDF with a QR code to my Facebook gallery:
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I know that name and avatar from the danish AB Forum!

Hi thomas, nice to have you here as well.

/Michaels aka LostCommander