Hi from N.I.


Young Tutorling
I'm an artist/illustrator, and do mostly portraits & figure work. Signed up to the forum as I'm wanting focus more and more on traditional art, and less on digital. I've been wanting to feed my inner 'Drew Struzan' for a while now lol, and really incorporate airbrushing into my daily work.

I've had an Iwata HP-CH for yrs & yrs, but over that time it's been rarely used, along with one of those beginner diaphragm compressors. I think the poor performance it gave prevented me from using it more lol.

So I've become a member to soak up info to help ease the frustration of figuring this stuff out myself. I'll prob be asking a lot of very basic questions around the forum so bare with me lol.

Welcome from Australia :)
Buying cheap in the beginning can be a double edged sword as you’ve discovered. It can give you a taste of airbrushing, or out you off due to bad performance.
Welcome Steven. Asking questions is what it’s all about here. The HP-CH is a great brush, so with a little upgrade of your compressor you’ll be off and rolling.

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