Hi from Portugal



Hi, mi name is Ricardo and im from Portugal.

Im 35 and i started airbrushing in the begining of 2011, i never used a airbrush before that, and i Thank people like Airbrush tutor for the Help and knowlege shared that enabled me and so many others to improve and learn to airbrush.

I started with a VEGA 2000 and 4 months ago i bought a IWATA Eclipse HP-CS.

I started in airbrush cause i always liked the choppers customized and when in 2008 i bought my yamaha Dragstar 650 i got the desire to customize paint my bike so i didnt rest until i started to airbrush now im starting to desassemble my bike (finally) to begin preping it to paint. (ill post some piks when i start.)

Thanks for receiving me in your community.
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Welcome Ricardo, and I also look forward on seeing you paint the bike :)
Welcome from the US. I hope you get started soon. I would to see how it turns out.
Thanks to all for the hands up.
Im starting now to sand the surface, to repair and prep.
Hope to start soon as the summer is comming and i want to try and have it ready to ride in the summer =)