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Hi, joined about 10 minutes ago. I have Iwata HP-BCS,HP-SB Plus and HP-C plus airbrushes(gifts from an overly exuberant and loving other half). At the moment I've mainly been using the suction feed. I was using a little Iwata pro mini compressor, but invested in a Toolex 594140 super quiet compressor. It has a max noise output of 55db and a 20l tank, so no more constant cycling. I haven't started experimenting with colour yet. I am currently working on Captain Jack at the moment, ready to start fine tuning and fogging. have had so much fun with this one.
Cheers to all
Hi Ros! thanks for joining up mate! i just checked out the compressor you bought - i'm really interested to know how it is? i didn't know we could get compressors like that on our big island here? is it quiet? runs well? maintenance?
Mr Sparrow looks fantastic by the way - have you learnt airbrushing before or are you just self taught? great to have you on board
The Toolex compressor is really easy to maintain. Purge the tank when you've finished for the day and check the pressure release valve once a month.The dual outlets mean you can either run 2 airbrushed at the same time or connect a storage tank with a mini regulator so you can run one at a lower pressure.
I started taking night courses once a week at the end of last year. I tend to loose track of time when I get the chance to get out there so I keep finishing my homework too quickly.Jack is one of my home efforts, to keep me busy in between homework. Love your tutorials, have been picking up lots of things that are helping me to improve. thanks for your input and help. happy to be on board.
Wow Ros! Captain Jack Looks fantastic! I truly believe that Johhny Depp was a pirate in a past life. I would love to try that one after I get some practice under my belt. Love it.
Hi Ros welcome aboard.
Where in sa are you?

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Hi Phoenix,thanks,live in the Tea Tree Gully area.
Think this forum is an awesome idea.I remember stumbling on the airbrushtutor link right when I was having trouble with one little thing, just happened to have the answer I needed.Very cool!
hi Deja, thank you. I spent a few hours searching images to find a close up of my favourite scene from all the movies. I think Johnny Depp has about a million potential airbrushings, he is such a chameleon.I guess every time you choose something new to brush you learn something, especially from the mistakes.One of the first pics I picked to do was Wolverine, never been totally happy with it, but I learned heaps from it.......particularly patience and an intense hatred for Hugh Jackmans nose, you don't get that right and the whole thing isn't right.Oh well, maybe I'll tackle him another day!
Cool Ross im down at morphett vale area and yes it is great to have access to Mitch's knowlage who would of known an Aussie could be so damn talented hey.:)

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He definately makes it look easy! love your lady on the Supra. Hanging to get some auto work going, need to learn proper prep and build a stockpile of colours.....have a nice big plain tank waiting for some love.
preps simple , let me know and I will help when you are ready.