Hi from scotland



Hello all I'm kenny from Scotland
Hoping to get lots of help as I'm just starting out airbrushing so know very little about it, hoping all you experts will give me great tips lol
Just converting some space in my loft to use as a workspace and give it a try,
Anyways hopefully I'll get the hang of it and practice , only prob is I'm not the greatest artist in the world
Thanks for taking time to read this
Hi Scott and welcome from the US, don't worry I can't draw a lick but am learning thanks to everyone here so if I can you can too!
Welcome to the forum from the US.

Don't worry about being a great artist, I sure
am not, but you can learn. I am learning new techniques all the time and I am a year into this.

Practice is key, no getting around it, its my biggest issue. No time to paint , so when I get time , I get right to it, no practice at all. A good habit to get i to, one I am trying hard to convince myself to do, is do a page of practice as a warm up before painting. This does a few things. Warm up your finger and control ; and it will allow you to make sure your brush is running right for the conditions and paint of the day.

Yeah, yeah, practice what you preach and all that. Lol!
Hi Kenny from way down on the south coast of England. If you haven't already, check out the ABtutors vids, and start with the exercises. Do them until you are so bored that you hate them, lol, because master those strokes, and techniques and you will be able to paint anything. You will probably struggle with paint mixtures and air pressure at first, most people do. There is no right answer to deal with this as there are lots of factors to consider, so do a search as it is a common question and you may find the help you need, or just shout out if you get stuck.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Welcome aboard mate, good advice already given and plenty more on the forum, dive in my friend and just enjoy yourself :)
Thanks for the warm welcome and hopefully I'll have it mastered before I die lol,, thanks all much appreciated
Welcome from south of the border. Have a good read, practise loads and you will be well on your way. Enjoy your stay here.