Hi from South Africa



Hi I'm not new to airbrushes, but new to using them properly :apathy:

The last 10 years I used airbrushes mainly in blending two colors when spraying cars and bikes. Little over a month ago I started using my airbrushes in more detailed works. Hopefully I'll gain enough control to start doing real artwork in time.

Have a Paasche single action airbrush used for automotive small touchups. Had a 0.25 gravity feed with now broken nozle dual action no name brand and now 2 Aircraft A182 0.5 dual action Siphon feed brushes.

Currently strugling through acrylics as I mainly spray indoors and don't want the family poisened with toxic fumes. I also read that acrylics is more difficult to spray with so if I can master acrylics automotive paints won't be too dificult to master.

Ordered a set of ComArt opaques. Normal hobby paints looks as if the pigment particles are too big for the airbrushes so I hope Comart will solve my paint flow problems.

Love the site as there is some serious talent in here. I'm eagar to learn but we don't have a lot of airbrush artists willing to teach close to me so this is a wonderfull site to learn more about airbrushing.

Thanks for all the inputs that I already found on the site.
hey bro, wlecome, and enjoy, everyone on here will help you, just ask.
Welcome from Florida. Great site, great advice, and exciting place to meet folks from the entire planet. ;) have fun
Welcome to the forum from Tennessee, you can and will learn a lot here, as well as we can learn from you!!

Hello from germany. From what i heard the Com-art paint is a great and already very thin paint that sprays very well.
Welcome on board this mad little ship:) feel free to ask away mate, I'm sure you have plenty to share yourself and we look forward to seeing some of your work, enjoy and dive in!

Ps. I use some of the com-art paints and they work great straight out of the bottle or reduce them a little if you want, great paints and worth getting yourself a set of the Transparent's too, have fun and don't forget to spread the love:)
Welcome! I had that same problem when I first started airbrushing. No one where I was from wanted to teach me. Just keep at it and you will get better. Practice, practice and more practice
hey there....welcomes from the u.k look forward to seeing your work. all the best for now
Thanks for the welcome.
Two practice pieces I've done and my guitar and RC car. Still loads of control to learn and loads of practice to do.
hi, my name is trevor and im also from south africa, kzn, estcourt. there is no one that is airbrushing near me. so im battleing it out on my own. i love this site. learnt alot and still gt a shaky hand. any advice guys?
i love air brushing hoping to get beta in time. im using oil paints at the moment, seems to be ok. airbrushing for two months nw. dont know how to increase my skill. feels like im nt getting anywhere. would love some advice guys.