Hi from South Africa



Hi You people
I starter airbrushing a few months ago_Only Got the Power series now and suddenly it is as if I'm getting into a new direction before hand I just did whatever but did not know where to start.Now I am feeling better already but I am only painting with ink as I cannot get hold of any paint yet.
Are there fellow South Africans that can point me in the right direction.I just want to give a great thanks to Mell from Netherlands she helped me a lot.:tears_of_joy:
Welcome to the forum from the US.

The power series is great. I ran through series 1. If it didn't cost so much I'd get series 2.

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yo bennie, angenaam.

where in SA do you stay?
AndreZA has some com art paints, some art shops sell the FW Daler Rowney inks, and you can even get the cheaper Dala inks.
If you are near fourways then Herbert Evens above toys R Us in fourways crossing is having a hugs sale right now. the Dala inks are very cheap (no white in stock though).

Ohhh - and welcome :)
Hi, Bly te kenne
Im from Polokwane and using Dala ink at the moment.(from a local shop).I have the Aircraft SG180 7cc cup with .2mm needle.I practice allot for a hopeful
Thanx everyone for the warm welcome
Just noticed the 1972 in your name, great year wansn't it? Many great minds were born in '72. :tears_of_joy:
ouch Bennie - the ol' Pietersburg.
I've driven past a few times on way to farmers :p
My kids enjoyed the Mall :)

let us know when you want to upgrade your equipment, all sorts of help and advice from us newbies and salties alike :)
Cool will do thanxs(Baie Dankie)Yip Pietersburg sounds so good saying it.Forgot for a moment lol
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel: