Hi from sweden



im totaly new to airbrushing never yet hold a airbrush in my hand :) but today i will pick it up at my post office,
i bought a Iwata Revolution HP-CR and soon practise will begin!
my main pupose is to airbrush homemade fishing lures,
i think this site will be awesome for me and allso BIG thanks for the beginners tutorials :) i feel they are the best i found

take care

cool idea and welcome
what sort of lures ? spinners, poppers
Great to have you here Jocke! interested to see what you do to those lures! probably just impress the fish instead of catching them haha! post pics when you can!
Hi and thanks :)
its mostly goin to be jerkbaits for Pike fishing
hopefully in a near future i will post some pictures ;)
Sweet I use Poppers and soft plastics which I think are like the jerk baits you are talking about.
Looking forward to some pics
welcome! I have painted fish(taxidermy) but not yet a lure. I want to and bass fish alot so maybe you can show me a thing or 2 down the road!!!