Hi from the middle of knowhere in South Dakota...



I use Harbor Freight tools. I know, yuck, BUT I use it as a mini-sprayer for model trains.

Now, my mother comes from the really old school when folks actually airbrushed 10x12 B&W photographs (1955). There were no do-overs there, not the negs, the original prints. So, as a young pup I sat at her knee and watched. Unfortunately no skills rubbed off, but I have seen a lot of it; maybe some day, aye? Oh and retouching was a drafting pencil with a hand sharpened super fine sharpened lead... I used to sharpen them. She had a business envelope with a folded sheet of sandpaper inside (open at the top) and I would stick the lead in there while pushing and twirling it...

but enough about Mom

I'm here trying to find out about a Frisket mask I have seen a fellow using. It has to be a photographic Frisket stencil. Not silk screen, but self adhesive stencil that is very Hi-Rez. He is using it to create very fine lettering on the side of a model train car. He uses multiple computer fonts as needed. The lettering is no taller than 1/16th of an inch.

I hope someone is going to come back with "Oh you are thinking of..."

Then I can take my mini-sprayer, stencil and get some super fine lettering on my train cars without buying an Alps printer and making decals.

Thanks for any help you can give,

Hi Mel, welcome from Calgary. do you mean a desktop vinyl cutter? You work with your computer, get whatever font size or style you want and when done you send it to the printer. This printer can use a roll of vinyl or sheets.
Welcome to the forum! I was going to suggest the same as patch did. You will want to look into the vinyl cutter or plotters. I'm not real familiar with the good brands or what will suit you best, but I'm sure someone will be by soon that does.