hi from the netherlands



Hello everyone,

My name is Terence and I'm living in the netherlands with my wife and 2 beautifull daughters.

I don't have a airbrush yet but looking for one, before I buy a airbrush I want to read and watch as much as possible at this forum. Better buy 1 good airbrush then 3 bad ones. ;-)

For now I'll start to read, read, read, read, read.......... and read!!!
Hi Memphis, welcome and enjoy and join in, check out the airbrush tutors vids and others on YouTube for inspiration and get painting soon mate, you will love it...oh and don't forget to spread the love:)
Welkom Terence, geweldig forum dit en lekker actief :D

Genoeg Nlers ook om je op weg te helpen haha


Welcome Terence, this is a great forum, and with lots of Dutch people too ;)
Thanks for the warm welcome, I'll watch the tut video's on youtube and will spread the love soon :D

Altijd handig dat er ook nederlanders op het forum zijn FirePanther
Always handy to have dutch people on the forum FirePanther