Hi from Warrington, UK



Hi all.

Just stumbled across this forum whilst looking for info on Airbrushing.

Been drawing with Pencils for about 7 years on and off (below is a self portrait). I've done a few paintings with acrylics but not got the highest level of skill. Also used Spray Paints a fair bit but lack of a large enough area to work in means I've been restricted with that medium.

I am a huge fan of photorealism and would look to expand on this with airbrushing (a little bored of monochromatic pencil). I don't think I've ever even seen an Airbrush I'm that much of a novice, so I hope to learn lots here!


Pete :)

Graffiti Artist WM.jpg
Welcome to the Forum Pete :) your pencil drawing looks great btw.
welcome, love the the pic this is one of the best places to get help and hang out, there are a lot of beginners here and pro's enjoy hope to see more of your work.
Welcome from Florida. It's a bit overwhelming to get started but take it one step at a time. I thought it would be as easy as buying the equipment and start creating art right away. 3 airbrushes later and 3 brands of paint I am understanding the labor of love. Don't give up and stick to your artistic vision. It is an amazing tool and what airbrush tutor has created will help you understand the process. The members are great and offer advice anytime you need it. Enjoy
Thanks for the warm welcome guys and the picture comments :)

Already had a quick browse of 'Airbrush Tutor' and wow! it looks great. I'm definitely in the right place. Just need to get myself a kit now.

I thought it would be as easy as buying the equipment and start creating art right away.

Haha I have experience with that, spent £300 on spray paints and I'm still rubbish! ;)
Welcome aboard mate, your pencil drawing is fantastic and you obviously have bags of talent, when you master the airbrush i think you will produce some outstanding work. Enjoy the forum and dive in, the waters lovely:)
Thanks Cordyk, that's very nice of you to say :) I'm beginning to feel at home here already....