Hi from Wisconsin



Hi everyone, I figured I'd get the obligatory introduction post out of the way first thing.

As you could probably guess, I'm from Wisconsin. I own and operate a SMALL (as in there's one empolyee. Me.) business doing custom painting, airbrushing, and occasionally even attempting some pinstriping (a Buegler tool helps me fake that talent immensly. lol). My main focus and background is in airbrush, which I've been doing for 8-ish years now (I think). I did quite a bit of fine art-type stuff early on, which, combined with some training from Dru Blair, has helped me transfer an artistic style to "kustom" work.

Other than painting, I love playing guitar, motorcycles of nearly any sort, golf, fishing, and driving my friends crazy by insisting on listening to old, pre-war delta blues.

For equipment, I tend to stick with Iwata's, especially the CM-SB microns. I'm a bit of an Olympos geek, as well. I don't have anything against other brands, and own quite a few brushes from them, but when I'm working, I've just found that I tend to reach for my Olympos's and Iwata's first.

Anyway, thats my intro.
welcome from honduras,hope you call this place home like i do!!!:eagerness:
Welcome home Draggin, Nice to add you to the family ,
Get in on the newest round of Paint Pal and join the fun .