Hi guys!



Hello everybody!
Let me introduce myself a little bit in this first post. I started airbrushing a year ago and untill now, I only focussed myself on RC bodies.

Now, since a week, I made the step to airbrushing on paper. Maaaaaan, this step is huge :chuncky:

I am going to start a thread with my progress soon!
Oh, I'm from Belgium by the way! :)

I always painted my RC bodies with a cheap airbrush that I bought from ebay, but now I ahve a new H&S Infinity 2in1. Damn this is a nice tool to work with!

I am probably going to put my Sparmax away and use my H&S for the RC painting as well... (since it is done with waterbased Faskolor)
Thnx guts, unfortunately its too soon to post some work in progress, but in the meanwhile you can see some pictures in my album!
to soon to post in "works in progress"?? hands up if you beg to differ and think we should see the very earliest pieces so we can heap praise upon them!!!
First, welcome!!
Second I do agree with the fuzz;) you should not be worried about how your art works look at this stage. We can help you a lot quicker, and easier, with pics of what you are doing. We can explain it and understand your questions better if we can see it. You will progress a lot quicker. If I found this site when I started you can bet your but I would have posted everything, and I still do. I started here pretty much at the begining of this forum, there was only like 10 of us here and from then to now my work has progressed more than I could have imagined and it's because of all the great people who have helped me with what I was doing wrong.... They couldn't have helped me if I didn't post everything I have done since I have joined!! Hope to see some work!!:)

Hehe thanks, but what I meant was that I did not had enough posts yet to place some images :D

in the meanwhile I started a thread with my first piece on paper :D