Hi guys!



Hello everybody,my name is Peter and I´m from spain,I hope to learn a lot with you because in spain is difficult to find airbrush information..
: Disculpa:

see you!!!
Welcome from The Netherlands Peter, all the info you're going to need you'll be finding right here....so many great artists here with tons of valuable information ! All you need is an internet connection and find your way here...as of then you'll be producing some amazing art in no time.
Welcome home Peter , You have found the best place to hang out , learn and have fun..
Welcome to the forum.

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Hello Peter and welcome from the US, when you get a chance tell us a bit about yourself, what you paint or want to paint and what equipment you have / use...it will help when you ask questions to give answers.
Thanks for all for the welcomes he he.
First,excuse me for the language because i speak just a little bit of english and sure i will write lot of wrong words he he he.
I airbrush for 10 months in my house,I learn through youtube videos and some video bought in coastairbrushTv ,this night I will post some pictures of my "" artwork"" . I hope you comment it and can learn and progress.
I have iwata Kustom eclipse 0.35 and iwata hp-b 0.2
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Hi Peter and welcome aboard you'll find this place to be a wealth of information