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Hi I'm Don aka donec. I have no experience with airbrushing and don't even know if I will like it yet. I started getting interested in airbrusing because I want to plati dip my Can-Am Spyder so it looks like dragon scales and or dinosaur skin. The only way I can see to make the scales is to airbrush the shadow of them to give the depth. Then while reasearching what I would need I found out about people doing "T" shirts and saw that it is similar to silk screening which I did in school many years ago and liked doing it but it was too messy. Airbrushing does not seem to any where near as messy. Also I have recently gotten involved in painting with acrylics and see people are using airbrushing for creating works on canvas. All this makes me think it sounds promissing. So I keep researching. I am glad I have found this forum as it seems to have a quite varried group of people. I used to do wood work and jewelery making but I no longer have a place to do those things. Being retired I have plenty of time and I realy don't want to spend it watching TV. Here's hopping I will learn what I need here to start a new hobby and maybe be able to help out in some way also.
Hi Don, welcome to the forum, you will learn a lot here.
cheers Mel
Welcome to the forum Don. I started airbrushing to paint my bike too. It gets addicting tough. Be warned.

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Welcome aboard mate, I'm sure you will find all your answers on here, glad to have you with us:)
Welcome from Canada, you have found the perfect place to get your info and help for airbrushing. Airbrushing is fun, but can also be a pain some times. You will find on this forum plenty of tutorials and lots of people to help you when you have a question or problem. Don't be afraid to ask :) You usually get an answer pretty quick.
Hey Don, welcome to the forum. All the help you'll ever need is right here. My friend has a Can - am, they are pretty cool! I also started airbrushing to paint my bike, but it becomes addictive. Your TV will soon be covered in cobwebs, and giving you reproachful looks. The screen will light up with the words why don't you love me anymore? If you haven't bought any equipment yet, maybe do a search for which airbrush or similar, and the same with compressors etc. They can vary a lot, and you could waste money by not getting something that will suit your needs. If you get stuck, holler!
welocme from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!ask and there will be someone here to answer!!!
Welcome to the forum Don! Just like any other hobby, once you get hooked, be prepared to hide a bunch of money from your wife so you can keep buying new toys! :)
Thanks all for the warm welcome. I have been doing a lot of research to the point that I am dreaming about this stuff at night.:friendly_wink:

I have some questions but I'll post those else where.
Hi Don, welcome to the forum. You'll get all the answers you need here! Lots of friendly people who are willing to help. Just ask. :)
Welcome to the forum Don! Just like any other hobby, once you get hooked, be prepared to hide a bunch of money from your wife so you can keep buying new toys! :)
too true!!!
welcome aboard don glad to have you with us, as said previously once you start you will never stop, its a very addictive hobby with many benefits..... (being social with family is not one of them though (unless you are fortunate enough to have a silent compressor in a room in the house rather than being banished to the garage like me)