hi!! new member from quebec!



hi guys!

i am a professional bodyman from Quebec canada, been drawing forever and decided, id say a good 10 years ago, to try airbrushing...so i bought a compressor and a Vega 2000 airbrush and started playing around with it! i really got into it and bought 2 Iwata hp-c+ wich i love!!! i still use my vega for backgrounds though. i work with auto air colors for the artwork part itself and sikkens product for back ground colors, primer and clear.
i only airbrush during my spare time and i have not done so many projects...so its always good to have a forum to ask questions to the more experienced artists around the world!!
and thanks to google i found this site:victorious:
well thanks guys! happy to receive all these welcomes, tells me forum is active and healthy!!! :)
Welcome from Amsterdam myndfreak, can you show some of your work yet?
it says i am not allowed to post any kinds of link images or videos untill i post a few times...so it will have to wait i guess :(
Welcome from the uk buddy, can't wait to see some of your work, if you have any questions chuck up a couple of words in the search bar, or if that doesn't sort it then just ask
Bonjour et bienvenue mon ami! Welcome to the forum, you will like here. From Calgary