hi there forum :-) ps-270 spareparts in EU?


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hi there all :) thank you for letting me join the forum
im using my airbrushes for painting my plasticmodelkits im currently using a proconboy 270 , its my second airbrush ,the first one as a beginner was the iwata NEO.
i was wondering if anubody know were to buy spare needle and noozle for the ps-270 inside the EU?
it seems like ts only in the UK i can find them, and with the tax system in Denmark it would cost almost the same as buying another ps-270,
im not in need of the parts at the moment ,i just thought it would be nice to have them just in case .
kind regards from Denmark ;-)
the mr hobby airbrushes are sold in the Netherlands check out airbrush service almere and Lion art
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here is the link to PS parts
here is the link to PS parts
wow... cool everything i could ever need thank you for the info :cool: