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My name is Joe. Not real sure how to start a self intro, it seems this was much easier when I was younger. There's the start; I'm 47 years old, from So. Cal, currently living in Las Vegas. I've been an artist my whole life, well, artistic that long. When I was younger I could've benefited from a bit more focus ( who can't say that, right?) Long story short is that I got my first AB (Badger 150, still use it!) from my high school art teacher in 1986. Learned how to use it and went off to college. That was a lot of fun but didn't last long. Out in the "real world" trying to pay bills, getting married a few times, and trying to make living kept me from expanding on my natural talents. Well, since my last divorce (almost 5 yrs now) I've been on a path of self rediscovery.
My hobby is collecting hobbies. At one point I started building model cars. I needed to break out my old AB for that. It felt so good to hold again that I started shifting from modeling back into... so called "art". That was about three years ago now. Between say, 1989 and 2012, I may have only used the AB a handful of times., a mural in my daughters room when she waiting to be born stands out in my memory. So, now I'm back! I can't stop painting and drawing. Most importantly; I'm so happy!
It's bittersweet, I feel like I blew it by losing 20+ years of practice. Whatevs, I'm so stoked to be creating. I'm rambling, I do that. when I started back into it I figured I'd want to end up doing graphics on cars and bikes. So I started off with urethane paint. Last year I attended the Airbrush Action Getaway, since then I've been using the Createx line of paints as well. I have some Com Art paints, limited use, so far they seem nice. I'll spray anything that I can reduce. I don't want to get selective. I do like my lacquer based the best. I predominately use paint products from ALSA. I'll try to wrap this up as I know I'm really just procrastinating from painting right now (Steven Pressfields book "The War of Art" should be read/audiobooked by all)
My "guns"; 1. Badger 150
2. Iwata Eclipse HP-CS
3. Iwata HP-B+
4. Iwata HP-CH
5. Iwata Kustom Micron CM
And I suppose that will do for my intro.
Welcome from Australia.
I get the create thing, as I'm only just getting into doing stuff for myself.
Never had any formal training , but I'm doing OK, I think.
Better late than never, I guess.
Hi, Joe, and welcome to the forum.
Glad to hear you're getting back in the saddle, and having some fun.
Life's one of them things that get's in the way of creative folks, I guess.
Welcome Joe from the UK. They say everything happens for a reason. So all that happened along the way was supposed to. It's called growth. Beauty is you always come back to your first love.........AIRBRUSHING!! Have Fun.:thumbsup:
Welcome - nothing like an empty house to make you realize what makes you happy other than family
Welcome home Joe,
The Art of War was a had to read when I went into the military (they did not have audio books back then) well maybe books on records or 8-tracks.
Vegas is a great place for art, Being all the cool airbrush get-a-ways are held there and Sema and a lot of other killer cool things .
Look forward to seeing your work.
thanks for all the welcomes, you guys are great!
@ Mr Micron; you see the twist on words at play here, don't you? - a slightly different book. As far as SEMA, expect a lot of pics from me. I'm in the tradeshow industry and work that show every year!
thanks for all the welcomes, you guys are great!
@ Mr Micron; you see the twist on words at play here, don't you? - a slightly different book. As far as SEMA, expect a lot of pics from me. I'm in the tradeshow industry and work that show every year!
Yes I do , And I will hold you to some killer SEMA pics .. I try to make it there at least every few years , I use to go every year but not being in the industry (car building) any more kind of makes it hard to go as much as I want to. Before I could just say it was for the business not so much now.
Hi Joe, welcome from the uk! I guess we all look back and think why? I spent 20 years looking at automotive art, mostly on bikes, and thinking I'd love to try doing that. Only my husband, buying me a crappy cheap brush just to shut me up, finally made me try it. The brush was a dud, but I never looked back. I can't help but think I might be good at this by now if I'd started when I first thought about it Lol.

Glad you're in a good place, and are happy being creative again. Looks like you have some great kit, and lots of inspiration with all the cool stuff going on in crazy Vegas. Look forward to seeing the pics, and also some of your work, post some up. Us nosy parkers would love to see it.
Welcome from Texas Joe! Know the feeling about collecting hobbies! Wish I could stick to one long enough to get good at it!
Hi and welcome to the forum, started around 86 myself and then no ab'ing for a few years before I picked it up again. It will soon come flooding back and hopefully you will fall in love with the AB once again.

Welcome to your new home