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Thought I'd check this place out as I saw it on AcE's site. I live on the south coast of England, and have been airbrushing just over a year. Well kind of, I tried a few years ago a couple of times, but didn't have a clue, and had a rubbish chinese brush so didn't get far. Had an injury, and was off work, so had lots of time to devote to trying properly, and now I'm addicted.

I just got an Iwata HP-CS, and LOVE it, after a disappointing experience with DAGR. I prefer to use Wicked/Wicked detail paints, and I mostly paint motorbikes/trikes/helmets, for mates, but have actually had a couple of paying jobs. Would love to do it for a living....maybe one day!

Got lots to learn, but will help if I can. Personal goals are to keep improving, get better at freehand, and maybe make my hobby my job.
Good morning to you Squishy and welcome to the forum mate, am sure you will enjoy it here.
Which part of the south east coast are you at,?
Hi, Squishy sounds like you could teach a few of us a few things
Hi Squishy, welcome to the forum.
There's some good airbrush artists over there in Hampshire.
With a year in have you photographed any of your stuff ?
Thanks for the welcome. Hey VR!!!

Made an album on my profile page if anyone wants a look.
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