Hi to all



Hi all, taffy here from UK. I have been following airbrush tutor for a while and have been blown away by his way of teaching and inspiration so have bought some gear and decided to try it out. I must say im absalutely awfull but will keep practicing till i get better.:redface-new:
Hi Taffy

Welcome to the forum, You will learn loads here, I know there is an artist in you, and together we are all going to tear it out of you.

Hi Taffy.
Welcome and I look forward to seeing Malky tear it out of you :)

oh and me :))))
Maybe first ask gently if it wants to come out and play??? lmao haha

Welcome Taffy and let your inner artist get its way ;)
nice 1 peops and thanks, guess it will nead a little tearing but it will come, kicking and screaming:welcoming: