Hi to all



I'm from Austria and i am airbrushing since 2000, but not all the time. Because in my job, i have not often time to practice my hobby, but i love it very much!!!! My favourite artists are Dru Blair, Erik Drudwyn, Marissa Osterlee and Drew Posada and many, many more. I wish u all a good time in here, thx.
Hello and welcome Berndlenz from the US, if you are looking for friendly people, excellent info and answers then you came to the right place!
Hey bernd wow what a lot of experience you have I'm sure we will all learn a heap from you here and vice versa.... what do you do for a job that requires the airbrush bernd? Well a big welcome from UK
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Thanks to all! It's nice to be here.
To ad fez: Sorry, it's a mistake because i don't need the airbrush at my job. I work as graphic designer and due to the fact that i always have to work, i have only less time for my hobby.
To all: Sorry about my english but i hope it will be better in this forum :fat:
Hey Bernd from the uk. Your English is great, so no worries there. Hope to see some of your ABing soon.