Hiya everyone!

New to the forum, and new to airbrushing. I've only just recently got an airbrush, and haven't fired it up yet as I want to get some info before diving in, mainly inks vs. paint. I've got a bunch I inks already that I use brushes with for inking drawings, some of which state for airbrush use, but I still don't know about thinning then and cleaning them and all that jazz.

But yeah, I'm here to learn and talk all things airbrush. =)
Welcome to the forum , You might start out by trying a search for inks, But I know some use them on here.
There is a world of knowledge on here and lots of good folks to help out,
Welcome to the forum and welcome to airbrushing! Tons of great people here willing to help in all fields. I havent a clue about inks as Ive never used them but Im sure someone will chime in.
welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of airbrushing!! cant help ya with the inks, but i can with all the other stuff, maybe lol!! wont know till ya ask ;) any way welcome and jump right in, the water is fine!1
Hi and welcome aboard mate :) . I also have not used much ink so far, just the black from the new line of the Liquitex acrylic inks. It is one of the thinnest paints i ever used for the airbrush and it sprays very good.
Not sure what ink´s you have but if they are old inks that have no pigments at all in them then they should be a dream to work with in your airbrush. But i think they are not suitable for hard surfaces, more for paper,
illustration boards and such stuff. Just post what equipment exactly you have and we can tell you more about it.
Thanks everyone!

I am having a good crawl of the site looking at all the various info. There's some great stuff on here, answering a lot of questions I didn't even know I had.

AirbrushTutor, man our weather been all over the place lately. =D

As for the airbrush I'm not sure what brand it is. Honestly it was just a cheapie kit off ebay, that came with a small compressor. I _think_ it might be a Badger knockoff, but not really sure. It's a dual action stainless steel brush, with gravity fed cup, a .3mm needle. and working pressure of 15-50 psi. Seems well built, but time will tell. The compressor is what I'll probably need to upgrade first as it's max psi is only 25. But I just wanted a something as a good jump off point, to see how I take to airbrushing before buying some good gear, and at $73 for the whole kit it seems like a good jump in point (hopefully).

I mainly do a lot of digital art now with a graphics tablet, but I do like to do traditional art with inks and markers. I've done some canvas paintings, but I'm not all that great with painting. I primarily draw comics and do comic style art pin-ups, so line work is my thing. I've got an idea in my head for combining airbrush and markers for doing the line work, but yeah, I'm probably getting ahead of myself, have to learn to use the airbrush first. I'd also like to do some airbrushing for t-shirts, but need to suss up a textile medium suitable for airbrushes, but yeah, I'll scour the forums for that too. =) But yeah, pretty much will be working on paper and canvas, though there could be some work on plastic down the track once I practice my technique. =)
Welcome from Holland. Inks are like candies. Waterborne inks when sprayed on objects that remain outdoors can disappear within weeks in sun light. Urethane based candies are more durable. Inks usually spray a lot easier than paints. Here is a link to a site that sells many types of inks.