Hi guys!

I'm jeje10, a beginner from Spain. I'm so beginner that I don't have airbrush kit yet! :biggrin-new:

I've been watching the video tutorials on this page and I'm looking forward Christmas and Santa Claus gifts arrives to start to do dot and lines exercises!! :chuncky:

I hope be wellcomed and learn a lot in this community!

Sorry for my english (so poor and Google Translate so bad...)
Don't worry about the English my friend, you are fine! Welcome to the forum, and jump in any time! :)

Thanks to eveyone for the welcoming!

I promise to show you my first dots! :highly_amused:
Welcome from sydney mate....glad to have you on board....now hurry up and get painting so we can check out those first dots!!
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Welcome aboard jeje10, you are in the best place to learn, plenty of darn good folk willing to help. Enjoy