Hi all,

Been keen on learning to airbrush for a while, and got some gear a few years ago, but not really managed to get started (other than basic shading).

I think I will need to get myself some new paints, but have a working compressor and an iwata eclipse to get started with.
In the past I have painted (brushes etc) with oils and watercolours. The approach to shading and colour build up seems different (watching videos on line) as its more a layered approach.

The initial videos I have seen on here look very good - once I have finished sorting out the study / man cave I hope to be able to get round to practising the tutorials on here.



Royal pain in the air hose
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Welcome home, When you get enough post up some of your brush work. I know another hyper-realism brush painter who is making the move to airbrush on another forum, He also just used the airbrush for shading.