Hi !



Let me introduce myself :smug:
My name is Elsemiek, i'm 23 years and I live in the netherlands in a place called Breda.
I work in a toystore 4 days a week, and once a week i go to work at a dog groomer salon.
About a year ago my dad showed up with some airbrush equipment, and told me to try it out. I did and i loved it! So i have been airbrushing since, I'm still in the learning process ofcourse.
I started out with a blackbull airbrush, i had some problems with it.. so recently i bought a harder & steenbeck infinity.

This is what i have made so far


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Welcome home Elsje , Wow those are some killer looking fur effects , Nice to add you into the family
Welcome to the forum, some really nice work there.

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Welcome from Holland Elsje...:) You ve found the best airbrushforum...
Great work!
Welcome from the UK, nice wildlife pics, really nicely done. Hope to see more of your work soon.

Welcome to the forum from Holland Elsemiek ! I am stunned by what you achieve already within 1 year....seems your dad found your calling by giving your airbrush set to try. I also airbrush for about 1 year now....but nowhere near this skill yet.
hiya elsje welcome buddy. i love the cat with the glasses... so cool ! but all the pieces are excellent really like the wolf also great job and fantastic to have you join us