Discovered the forums via Airbrush tutor's youtube vids as love watching others as younever know what great tips you may pick up, never stop learning. Started out in oils then discovered the airbrush work of amazing hyperrealist Simon Hennessey on DeviantArt. Sent him a message asking what his painting were done in and he said airbrush, brush and pencil. He suggested equipment required and i went on a shopping Spree :)

Currently use :-
Bambi oil free compressor
Iwata CS
Iwate BH
Iwata LP50
Liquitex inks (not used much but intend to)
Golden fluid acrylics for b&w work
Liquitex gloss medium & varnish
Welcome home Penfold, Simon's work is amazing to say the least. High goals you have set upon yourself but with practice with the airbrush it is possible.
Look forward to seeing you work
Thanks Mr Micron,

Not sure about attaining the same level as Simon but good to have such talented hard working people out there showing what is possible :)
G'Day Penfold, welcome to the team. nice equipment you have got their but i strongly recomend using createx colors/ wicked colors paint, you can use them for almost any medium. Hope you enjoy the forum as much as i do :)
Thanks AirArts. Was thinking about trying them after seeing Airbrushtutor uses them in the vids. Look like the flow well. The golden struggles even diluted through the .2mm. Will get some for my next colour pic and see if they perform better.
Their definetly the way of the future when it comes down to all airbrush paints ( Thats my opinion anyway ) lol look forward to seeing your artwork aswell :)
Welcome to the forum from the US

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I was as a kid. Penfold was the star of the show in my opinion,forget that DM fella.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home like i do!!!;)am also in deviant art,hope i can watch you!!!