Hi im RhynoGraphics (Daniel). Im 15 Years old and i live in Australia. I am self taught (definitely have watched and learnt from airbrush tutor though) an i use a IWATA REVOLUTION CR
Welcome to the forum from the US. We have another younger member that I know of, Rick, he's from the Neatherlands. He's great at detail work. It just takes practice man. You younger guys probably learn easier than us old guys. Happy spraying.
Welcome home Daniel nice to have you here and look forward to seeing what you have learned so far.
Yeah welcome Daniel,
look forward to seeing some of your paintings.
cheers Mel
Hey Daniel, wish I has started when I was your age, I think many of us are self taught so you're in good company Lol! Hope to see some of your work soon!
Welcome to the forum from the UK, I wasn't much older than you when i started airbrushing and I haven't stopped yet. Good to see you here.

I WISH I started at your age. lol. WELCOME!!!! and cant wait to see your progress.
Welcome to the family!! I too wish I started that early!!

Even Yoda had to train to be a Jedi........ I'm just better looking ;)
where can i post my paintings. i don't know because im new to this, obviously.
Welcome from Canada, You can post your paintings in "Works In Progress & Finished Artworks!" and you can also make an Album in your profile.
welcome from honduras hope you can call this place home as i do!!!!