Hoi from Holland...



Hi I'm Tink, a Fashion design student from Holland.
I have about 6 hours of airbrush practise in total, so a lot more playtime to look forward too ^^ Right now I'm focussing on straight lines and getting them to start and stop where I want them too.
In the future I wish to use my airbrush for illustrations and for prints on textiles.

My airbrush is an Iwata HP B+.

And some of my other interests are photography, design and hardware hacking for interactive installations or smart textiles.

I jointed because I'm looking for inspirational people and projects. :pirate:
Welcome Tink, I think you will find there is no shortage of inspirational people here, and we have a lot Dutch members too, some small, some big, some talented and some even more talented, and some really really talented.

If you've done anything with your airbrush post it it up and lets get the show on the road, you sound like you like to stay busy so who are we to stop you, lol

Have great time here just like the rest of us.
Welcome, lots of talented peeps here. Everyone is always willing to help out where ever they can.

Thank you for the warm welcome! I have enjoyed looking around on the forum, my hands are itching for more airbrushing.

And I made a thread with my practise pieces from today and for future pieces of course ^^ it's in the work in progress section, sorry no link, I'm not allowed to post them yet..
Welcome to the forum from the states!! You will enjoy it here as well as finding inspirational people and projects!

Thank you ^^ it's nice to meet you all!
I'm just finishing my breakfast and then I'm off painting again..