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I am not very good at introductions, so.... ummmm.... hello!

I can't quite remember how I came across the forum, but what made me keep coming back was the fantastic airbrushtutor vids on YouTube. Searching through some of the posts on the forum, I see that there are quite a few members from the Netherlands here which is useful in terms of providing local advice...in english! I am not from the NL itself (born and breed a kiwi, but ended up living here about 6 years ago... and that is a whole other story related to a whole other forum!) Yeah, even after 6 years, I still have a bit of a hassle with the language.

Basically, I am a wannabe full-time artist trying to spend as much of my time trying to make enough paintings to make an exhibition that will launch my career and I will have to never work for the man again!!!!!

I have a Paasche VL which I purchased back in NZ some 15 years ago but I never really got into using it. Back then I thought airbrushing was just for making nice blends. Oh... how wrong I have been! I recently aquired some Createx paints (just the normal stuff, nothing like the illustrator series or what ever). I have been airbrushing on canvas because I dont know what other substrate to use really (or where to purchase it?!) and after reading through some of the threads here I have the impression that my setup is probably not the easiest of setups to have for a relative beginner. But hey.... we all have to start somewhere and I am already looking at getting me a new gun!

Anyway, enough about me. I really look forward to sharing my mistakes with you all and showing you how much I have learnt... and by doing so..give something back and helping others on their path to an artistic and creative career!
Hello Carnun and welcome from the U.S.! Like you, it was the videos on YouTube that captured my attention and brought me here. This forum is filled with very friendly and knowledgeable people who are happy to help any way they can.
Welcome to the forum from the US also.

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HI Welcome to the forum, from the Netherlands :) Nieuwegein.

You can airbrush on almost any substrate as long as you prepair it the correct way.
There are some specialized airbrush shops.

Lion-art (goes)
airo-flex (Maarssen)

Love to see some work from you soon.

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Welcome from the UK. I spent some time in the netherlands a couple or so years ago in a small town called Brielle. I absolutely loved it there. Yes I found dutch quite difficult to speak. Anyway enjoy your time on here and remember we are all here to help in whatever way we can!
Hello Carnun and welcome from the US, loads of talent and knowledge all you need do is ask. Heck if they can teach me then no sweat for you. As for you painting if you are working on a solid non porous surface have a needle of .3mm you would probable start w/ a thinning around 5:1 and lower PSI to around 10 and work it from there. For absorbent materials such as paper, cloth, canvas, ect. you have a little more forgivness with the consistency. If you don't have a need for hairline thin lines it wont be as critical. " rule of thumb" thin = low pressure thicker = higher pressure This should help you get started and go from there.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome....and thanks Patricks for the comprehensive list of dutch retailers.
Welcome aboard my friend, you will fit in just nicely around here, enjoy and don't forget to spread that love stuff the crazy oz guy is always talking about:)