hok cosmic krome over wicked black???


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so I am now convinced i cant afford a brand new laptop right now and my compaq cq56 is back up to better Thain new infact now that i cleaned out the cpu fan its quieter Thain ever i just looked at ebay and i can get all the covers for it real cheap and instead of trying to fix the old paint job i would like to start over fresh but this time i want to use hok kosmic krome and candies i did a wild job at painting the 3d textured plastic palm rest onthe first try but it had flaws i cantpost pictures because i delited aall the pictures from my webcam. i would like to try wet sanding the plastic and basing it with wicked or even better etac private stock because thatgoes on smooth like silk and thain a fine layer of kosmic krome and candy over that but im concearned with the hok on water base i dont think it would react bad
I'd spray the wicked or e'tac, then 2 or 3 coats of a catalyzed clear, then the kosmic krome over that, then seal it all up with a final clear. Waterbased paints usually don't dry to a mirror-finish like smoothness. Since they rely on mechanical adhesion, they're designed to dry to a surface with some "tooth" to it. You might also want to look at Motostorm's chrome or black chrome paints. I've been playing around with them a bit, and am pretty impressed so far.
thanks hpc heres the problem in order to get this kind of efect the paint has to go on thin as posible in this case im not to woried about the krome efect this was white base gold flake candy red gold flake thain clear thain wet sand to get the gold off the red on top to get the efect i have unfortunatly the palm rest is slightly damaged and i burnt through in areas i want to try again perhaps with kosmic krome and voodoo violet 152.jpgi have a close up but its to big i cant figure out how to load it