I'm a Peruvian self taught artist living in Sarasota Florida (USA). Always learning, always enjoying.
I'm committed to myself on getting better and better and trying new mediums... so far I can say that I know a little about digital painting, clay Sculptures, Ink illustration, character design, airbrushing, painting with acrylics, and many more to learn.

I Use an Iwata HP-C plus airbrush and an Iwata smart jet studio series air compressor.
Welcome aboard. Jump right in and join the fun!
Welcome to the forum, theres a lot to learn about airbrushing but with patience and determination it can be mastered in a reasonable time. You are in the right place to learn and enjoy.

Hola and welcome from PA, look forward to seeing some of your work!
Welcome to the forum from NH.

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this pace home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Hey man... Saludos desde Ecuador! :) También soy artista y empezando con la aerografía, cómo te va con el Iwata? Es bueno para detalles finos verdad? porque hice unos trabajos en auto con el Paasche VL con la aguja 3 y estuvo perfecto pero con la 1 para hacer detalles finos no me agrada, debe ser hasta acostumbrarme antes usaba uno chino y me daba mejores resultados pero creí que paasche sería mejor.

Para los que no entendieron jeje :friendly_wink::
"Greetings from Ecuador! :) I'm also an artist and I'm starting now with airbrushing, how are you doing with Iwata Airbrush? It is good for fine details doesn't it? Cause I did some works on car with a Paasche VL (needle #3) it was great but with needle #1 it is hard to do fine details maybe I just have to get used to my new airbrush. I changed airbrushes cause I thought paasche was better. I worked with a chinese airbrush achieving great fine details."
Si, a mi me gusta iwata mas que paasche... y si estas ajustado de dinero el iwata Neo es una buena alternativa :)