Not sure if this is a correct spot for this...Reason I'm posting is it's kind of different, not something most think about and pretty cool....A guy I do guitars for ordered this stuff off ebay...A sheet of Holoflash, (it's like 2' x 2')....It's a vinyl that's safe to paint on....It's a bit thick so takes a few clear coat sessions to get it buried....Super easy to do some pretty wild effects though.

Also used it for sword blades on a hockey mask...honestly the most difficult part is burying it in clear..lol...Cut, peel and stick.

Here's a U-tube vid of the last guitar i used it on...
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I love that stuff, it was real popular in the 90s. It's resurfaced in the guitar industry. I remember using it on my own car. I had a Ford probe with popup headlights. I removed the covers and shaped clear plexi to it and lined the underside with holofoil. It was stupid but pretty trippy. I think they have made the stuff thinner now but haven't messed with it in a long time. The stuff I used was more like leaf and came off a sheet.
Yeah have seen the foil stuff over the years..this is just like any other vinyl. (just stiffer)..lol....only real downfall is it wont handle compound surfaces to well...All depends on the shape you are using I suppose.
Yeah coast used to carry the foil but it disappeared from the list awhile back. Not enough demand I guess for it.
I use some on the muskie lures i make and it holds up well there but I cover it with thinned epoxy then let that cure and sand the edges smooth,paint and another couple coats of epoxy .Btw you can fine the foil type online I'll post it when i find the link

Thanks Cheryl its done with a foil then painted before putting on the topcoat ,and they catch big fish too
this ones 48 inch West Virginia muskie :cool: photo (1).JPG