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So, what are people using? I want one with a tank. When I bought my stuff way back when I went cheap and got one without a tank and the SOB does not even have an on/off switch. As soon as it is plugged in it is on and it heats up pretty bad. Not to mentions vibrates all over the floor wrapping my legs in the hose. I hate it.

Not a lot of cash so one of those fancy silent ones is out. The glorious thing about owning a repair shop, even if it is closed down, is it is plumbed to two very large air tanks and a monster compressor. Problem is the shop is a mile from the house and my wife says I am gone too much as it is. So, I need to set up at home and that means small compressor. The shop has used a campbell hausfield compressor for as long as I have been coming up here and before I was married. So daily hard use for 18 years and it is still going strong. I am leaning toward getting a small one but the reviews are not all that great so I wonder if the build quality has tanked.

I am open to suggestions.
i bought a silent storm form hobby lobby with no tank, been using it for a year now and had no problems out of it, it is quiet, and doesnt blow your mind when it kicks on, cost bout 250.00 and has served me well.
i use a clarke ranger 24ltr its the oiless one , it doesnt kick in too often but its noisy as hell
ive seen that you can use containers like the big gas cannisters so that could be a option if you dont mind filling it at your shop, could you get away with only having one on your comp at work?
with less than $ 100 you can build it yourself, silently, you must find an engine that used refrigerator and someone throws a gas bottle or empty fire extinguisher.
Then follow this pattern.compressore.jpg
is written in Italian but you can easily translate it with google translator ;)
I had gotten a TC-20 from TCP global off of ebay and I've had it for a year now it does get hot so I put a fan next to it to help keep it cool, But I still have problems with the moisture shooting out the airbrush. I have one regulator /trap and two moisture traps and each has a 2" connector between them and my airbrush has the mini moisture traps and they still get full of water. So I'm going to try one that has a tank on it on the compressor to see if it makes any changes.
I made mine with a 25 liters tank.. I bought two fridge compressors, air filters, and hidraulic connections, security valves, moister filters.. All, It was around 300 dollars, and works great.. Even with 1.0 or 1.3mm needle spray guns
Here it is : View attachment 5734