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Hi all. I am new to airbrushing and to this forum and already I need some advice or directing to someone who knows! I have made a simple compressor based on a Russian plan but want to build a new one. The original was made from a refrigerator motor and worked first time. It simply had a mains connection with no separate capacitor. I have acquired two more fridge motors from working fridges but both have separate capacitors. I took out the thermostat and light wiring and plugged in but nothing happened! This is the same with both motors. I have not fiddled with any other wiring and assumed the motor would just start when plugged in. Can anyone advise me on what wires I need to change from either the mains supply or the capacitor. Many thanks in advance.
Hi there welcome along. First things first, as a matter of politeness, can you please go along to the introductions page and introduce yourself. http://www.airbrushforum.org/introductions/ Where are you in the world? What is you experience, what do you want to do... that sort of thing. In answer to your question have a look around the forum as there is a bit of discussion on compressors. You may find your answer there.
Thank you for your comment and apologies for jumping the gun. I have now put a bit about me in the introductions and hope I have got this right. Thanks again.
Your best bet would be to find the product manual for the motors. Like most devices, they should have a datasheet that contains specs, uses, diagrams, and most importantly, basic operating circuits. You can usually find this datasheet by searching for the model number of the compressor itself, which should be on a sticker on the body of the motor.
Show here your connections, maybe someone will help you. I could take a picture of my connections.
The best way to ask fridge specialist, he would answer with no doubts.
Also, If you have access to the fridge you took them out of, or an identical one, there should be a wiring diagram on the fridge itself.
Here are mine compressor connections. I think for you it's not necessary to describe the photo;)

PC180631.JPG PC180633.JPG
Thank you for your replies . Special thanks to Vladimir - although your motor is quite different from mine and our wiring colours are different, I studied your pictures carefully. I then stripped my motor completely, rewired it and it worked! Just got to get some bits to connect it to the pressure pot. Many thanks again.