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almost finish now only missing a water filter and a fan i hope i get that here next week so i can start use is it i using two compressors one fridge and one freezer and it function fine push up to 6 bar no problem
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Good looking set up. question do you have to set the dual compressors in phase so they start and stop at the same time? Also do you have to ensure that both compressors are producing the same amount of air pressure ?
they start at the same time and are connected to a t cross as for the pressure so seams it to be ok but i am not sure i have tried it and it function good fill up to six bar and booth start when it come to 3,5 bar or so of course so don't it start if the pressure fall to fast becasue of the time switch in the compressors but this is a try out and if it not work well then i find out to salve it I hope acording to my friend so say he that a fidge have two pistons and a freeze have three pistons and the pressure is different but if it effects each other he don't think so
In an ideal world you wouldnt have both start together because of the increased load with the starting coils but as I say thats in an ideal world and the mechanics/ elctronics involved make it not worth it. As for different pressures ... probably doesnt matter until the stronger of the two compressors passes the pressure of the weaker one (which wont happen as the pressure switch will turn both of well before this will happen) plus you should have check valves to stop air from on going into the other (which is more of an issue at start up ... hence the use of unloaders etc.
As for cfm being different it ... it doesnt matter they will both help to fill the tank just one will do more work.
I hooked both of mine to the same pressure switch, one is a mini fridge unit, it's own starter takes longer to kick in, al oat like it has to load up first to get going. So I don't have an issue. I too "t'd" the 2 discharge lines together at the tank inlet. Works great. Quiet.

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sounds good yes it so quiet and so much air i use 10- 15 psi on my krome and i think it will last for ever but i want to hook up a fan and a moist collector first before i use it for my airbrush
thanks i wanted to make it nice and clean so it is easy to maintain and becasue i had this old compressor with broken motor so it was only to put a peace of wood on top of the tank put on the compressors and connect it easy and simple and it made no hole in my economy and that make my wife happy lol
Hope you are going to KKBO in the car Fezzles as I will be bringing two presents for you!:angel:
You legend talla....I certainly am going in the car. .... however. .. Mrs had just dropped on me she is working. .. cutting hair for a wedding on Saturday morning(then we havea different wedding to go to that evening) only way I can get there on the sat is to bring the baby so Mrs can have a sleep.... can probably get there around 12.30... Stay fora couple of hour then chip... but will return again for full day on Sunday. .... do you use an over head projector. ..I got some transparencies you can have or 2 boxes of foam core board if you would use them???
Fezzles ... Might take some of the foam board mate but you don't have to you know ... These little twins are a gift to enable you to airbrush 24 hours a day and not bother anyone ... unless you forget the safety relief valve and it goes bang!