Home made projector stand


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A few months ago I got an Artograph projector. I had to put it on a table or a chair to use. I do not have much space and after seeing someone else's idea on a forum, I decided to make my own. And with this, I have crazy amount of freedom in controlling the projector. Luckily I don't work big as I can not really more the projector too far back to enlarge.

All it is is a camera tripod, a square sheet of wood and a nut.

What it looks like on the tripod

The bottom of the wood

The top of the wood with the sunken hole. I don't know what you call those kind of nuts. Was not really looking for it. I just found it in my dad's draw of crappy nuts and bolts.

The camera mounting plate.

Board clipped onto tripod with projector on.
Thats a very good idea with the tripod. I dont have a projector yet but when i get one i will make myself such a mountint too.
Im alot into photography and i have a tripod already, kinda looks pretty much the same as yours, think its a Hama Star Pro 59 as it says on the side of mine lol.
Brilliant idea Andrea, I have one of those projectors and would you believe I just got hold of a tripod...bingo!!!!
Nice work,I was thinking about the same thing a few days ago now I know what I can do Thanks for posting it up Andre:thumbsup::thumbsup: